Use spraying drones for lower costs and higher yields!

Conscious farming

Based on the results we can apply targeted solutions on specific parts of fields or on entire fields.

Precise surveys

Our drone-mounted cameras will provide you with an accurate view of your crops' nutrient supply, weed infestation and stress status.

Cost-effective solutions

Work with a drone to cut costs and reduce the amount of fuel, fertilisers and chemicals, as well as damage by traffic.

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The creator of Drone Permet


Although Drone Permet is not the only participant of precision farming,
you can be sure that it is a unique one. Drone Permet combines my 15-
years of family farming and nearly 30-years of construction experience,
making me an environmentally conscious and modern farmer. Drone
spraying is not only a trendy undertaking – it is actually my credo. You
can feel safe with me by your side because I will spare no effort to
reduce any risk both on land and in air. Although you are the most
important farmer to me, yet I will also focus on your neighbour’s
vegetation to avoid damaging it because, as we all know, the
neighbour’s grass is always greener.

What we specialise in


Farmland monitoring

The essence of precision farming is making decisions on the basis of data in cropping as well. This is where our drones with special thermal cameras come into play.

By processing the results of the recordings, you can be provided with a picture of your crop of square centimetre accuracy, enabling you to farm more precisely and efficiently. 

This is an ideal solution for assessing your crop’s nutrient and stress status, the field’s weed infestation, the damage caused by game animals as well as the number of plants per unit of land.


Drone spraying

The results generated by agricultural monitoring can also be used for accurate application of fertilisers and chemicals as in view of the data, you will know exactly where you need to carry out additional interventions.

Drone spraying offers you a variety of additional advantages: you can access otherwise inaccessible or difficult to access areas (e.g., waterlogged areas, ditches, steep slopes).

Drones deliver higher concentration solutions therefore, thanks to precise intervention, the amount of chemicals and water used can be reduced by up to 90%. The solutions are mixed by our highly skilled crop protection specialists.


Rólunk mondták


In any part of the country

You can use our drone services anywhere in the country: our headquarters are located in Szeghalom, Békés county, in the east, while our Budapest office allows you to reach the western part of the country.

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